Laser  Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction Treatments range from $50 – $300
Packages available with Buy 5 Get 1 Free

Alma Lasers Harmony XL PRO is an innovative laser treatment available which utilizes concentrated light beams to destroy the hair follicles. That means truly removing it from the root. Each pulse of light is an incredibly narrow, specific wavelength of energy that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The process gradually heats the melanin and hair follicles with effective heat buildup to destroy the hair for long-lasting results. By targeting the area under the skin’s surface, your skin is left completely intact and untouched with virtually no visible symptoms. The laser treatment is also paired with an effective air-cooling tool on the surface so that your skin feels a little warm and tingly, at most. Unlike other laser treatments and short-term waxing, you won’t experience any superficial burns or pain and there’s no need for numbing or anesthesia. During Laser Hair Reduction treatment the hand-piece applicator is kept in constant motion for full coverage and it’s easy to treat large areas of the body quickly.  

Laser Hair Reduction treatment is also safe for sensitive skin areas and can be used on the face, so you can eliminate unwanted hair on your upper lip, chin, sideburns, ears, and between eyebrows forever.

You don’t have to worry about shaving, tweezing, or waxing anymore!

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Ready to get started with Laser Hair Reduction?

Here’s what you should know before your first treatment. We’ll cover these details in your initial consultation, but here are the basics:

One common misconception is that you must grow your hair out to receive laser hair removal. With Harmony XL PRO you will ideally be cleanly shaven for an effective and safe treatment.

In order for Laser Hair Reduction treatment to work properly, there must be hair in the follicle, so waxing, plucking and threading (which completely remove the hair from its follicle) should be avoided for at least 1 week prior to treatment. We encourage you to shave within 24 hours of treatment to allow for easier use of the applicator while still leaving hair within the follicle to be targeted for removal.

Frequently  Asked Questions

About Laser Hair Reduction at Asa Med Spa

Does it hurt?

Older technology used the “pulse” method where the laser light would flash on and off, which was painful and time-consuming. It was often described as being snapped with a rubber band repeatedly. At Asa Med Spa, our Harmony XL laser uses a continuous light that can be passed over the treatment area several times using a sweeping continuous motion ensuring that there are no missed spots. Most patients describe the experience as a warming sensation, similar to a hot stone massage.

How long do treatments take?

Our superior technology allows us to offer the fastest laser hair removal solution available today. The length of a laser hair removal treatment depends on the location of the body, size of treatment area, patients skin color, and hair type.

Here are some estimated duration to set your expectations:

  • 10-15 minutes for small body parts such as underarms, lips, and bikini zone
  • 30-45 minutes for larger body parts such as full arms, half legs, and chest
  • 1-1.5 hours for full legs, full back, and other large areas of the body
Will I see immediate results?

Following treatment, patients notice that the hair still remains intact, this is normal. Laser hair removal does not extract the hair but neutralizes it at its root. From here your body will naturally push out the hair until it falls out.

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Laser Hair Reduction with Alma Harmony XL in Ashburn, GA


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