Fractional Plasma

Skin Resurfacing with Alma Opus

Fractional Plasma Skin Resurfacing
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Micro-ablative Fractional Plasma Skin Resurfacing with Opus

The medical aesthetics experts at Asa Med Spa are excited to bring you fractional plasma technology with Alma’s Opus device. OpusTM featuring Opus PlasmaTM makes history as the first fractional plasma technology to enter the skin resurfacing category to address superficial to complex textural and skin quality concerns most commonly corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full-field ablative resurfacing lasers.

As the only technology to operate at such an amazingly high frequency of (over 40 MHz), the metal pins on our Opus Plasma device are super-charged with high-RF voltage.

When in close proximity of the skin, the radio frequency (RF) energy discharge reacts to atmospheric pressure in the air, creating plasma.

The profile of the micro-thermal zones produced by the plasma can be controlled based on the desired ablation effect further expanding the treatment versatility of the technology – a light, moderate or aggressive resurfacing procedure can be achieved to reach the desired clinical result.

Incredible Results with Minimal Downtime

Patient safety and satisfaction are the epicenter of what we do at Asa Med Spa. With several RF/Plasma treatments hitting the market, why did we choose the Alma Opus device? It’s pretty simple: In a randomized, split-face study of 33 patients (ST III – IV), fractional plasma yielded equivalent results, 50 percent less downtime and higher safety profile when compared to a popular fractional CO2 laser. 12 patients reported postinflammatory hyperpigmentation following the fractional CO2 laser while fractional plasma reported none.

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Opus Plasma only requires a quick, 15-minute treatment session and can be performed using a topical numbing cream. This means you can easily fit it into your regular schedule along with subsequent treatment sessions to achieve your ideal results.

What can it treat?

  • Fine Lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Uneven tone
  • Unwanted pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars

Frequently  Asked Questions

About treatments with our Opus Plasma System

Who is a good candidate for Opus Plasma?

One of the best parts about the Opus Plasma system is that it’s extremely versatile and can be customized to your unique skin type, tone, and concern areas. It can be used on the face as well as sensitive areas like the eyes and lips. The Opus Plasma can also be used to improve surgical scars and stretch marks on any body part. During treatment, your technician can specifically adjust the energy level to suit your needs and ensure against unwanted inflammation and plasma contact.

What is the recovery process and timeline?

Your recovery process will be unique to your treatment and your specific skincare goals. Clinical studies have shown that Opus Plasma required 50% less downtime than laser alternatives, meaning you can get back to your regular activities far more quickly. Most patients experience only some mild to moderate redness and swelling within the first two days. You’ll see noticeable improvement after your first treatment with your results only compounding with more sessions. Most patients need two or three sessions for best results.

How many Opus treatments do I need?

Most patients require a package of treatments for best results, so your medical aesthetics expert from Asa Med Spa will make sure you understand when to return for your next session. We usually recommend two or three sessions for best results, but you’ll likely see noticeable results after your first treatment.


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